We have confirmed six fabulous – world class instructors!

Gio and Moe

Gio and Moe (Photo:

Gio started dancing at the age of 10 and he never stopped. He travelled from the very beginning for Boogie Woogie competitions, later on he discovered Balboa which is now his great passion. He is currently based in Stockholm where he teaches regular classes.
Gio enjoys experimenting with new moves and stretching the borders of the dance, many people remember him for his following skills. Among his signature moves you can find développés, hip’s movements and different poses.
Gio still likes to compete, he won the first place title at All Balboa Weekend Amateur Strictly and Jack’n’Jill, Balboa on the Promenade Strictly and Strictly and Jack’n’Jill at Snowball.
In class he is precise and pedagogical; He is more a coach than a teacher. Ask him for personal feedback!

Moe has had professional training in many types of dance, including jazz, ballet, tap and contemporary dance. In 1999 Moe fell in love with the world of swing dance, since then this has been her dance of choice. .

A pearl of the Orient, Moe moved to London in 2000, bringing a sparkle to the local swing dancing scene, and soon became the UK’s top female swing dancer. An active social and competition dancer, she is proud to have won several UK and US competition titles. Winning the world’s biggest Jack ‘n Jill competition with Marcus Koch at Frankie 99 is one of the most special titles Moe has been proud to win.

A multi swing dancer, she covered major dances with great knowledge and experience, like: Lindy Hop, Balboa, Collegiate Shag and St. Louis Shag.

Moe travels the world extensively both for social dancing and teaching Balboa and Lindy Hop. She has also enjoyed dancing for several productions, including theatre, television and film.

Well known as a vintage enthusiast, Moe is passionate about the music and fashion of the Swing era. Her dedication to the culture is also reflected in her attitude towards the dance, as she constantly endeavours to recreate an authentic style, and her passion certainly reflects the spirit of the dance as it was back in the day.

Mel and Jo

Mel and Jo Calanglang

Mel and Jo are dance enthusiasts who dedicate their time to encourage swing dancing in the United Kingdom.  Being familiar with lindy hop and blues, their current passion is mastering Balboa and Bal-swing – a journey of continuous learning.

They started salsa dancing in Singapore and after moving to the United Kingdom in 2000 began their journey in swing dancing.  After dancing lindy hop, charleston and blues for several years they then fell in love with Balboa and became dedicated to learning this dance from 2008.  However, they still love and continue dancing all styles to this day.

Jo has been athletic since she was a teenager and currently holds a brown belt in Xen-Do Martial Arts.  Mel, who also accomplished medals in various sports, was a break-dancer and a DJ in his younger years. From this personal experience, they apply the techniques of physical motion to help them understand and master the nature of dance movement.

Currently, you can find them social dancing and competing at various events across Europe and the United States.  They also teach Balboa/Bal-swing and facilitate pilot sessions throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. Their “down-to-earth” and positive attitude helps to make the classes they teach not only informative but also very enjoyable.  Mel still continues his love for music as a DJ and emcee at dance events across Europe and the United States.

Their aspirations to be balboa ambassadors stems from their drive to continuously learn and share the passion and knowledge of dance to enthusiasts alike.

Gasper and Masha

Gašper Hrovat is a gentleman. A classy dancer with lots of positive attitude, enthusiastic mood and inspiration. Beside of all the swing dances, slow or fast ones, his dance passion is in close embrace. Beside from dancing, he is culinary type of guy who likes to cook, gardening, play washboard, collect records and read books on life of jazz musicians. He travels the world to spread the dance spirit, teach and inspire people to start dancing Balboa, to him one of the most beautiful 4/4-beat dances there are, “see you on the dance floor!”


Masha Krokhina is the headliner of balboa in Russia. Finalist and winner of numerous Russian and international competitions. Has been teaching regular classes in Moscow since March 2007, while constantly conducting workshops all over Russia and classes during balboa weekends and exchanges in Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Czech Republic, Belgium, Spain, Estonia, at Paris Balboa Shag Festival, Studio Hop Summer Camp, Tiny Balboa and numerous balboa weekends in France, at Rock That Swing Festival, and Balboa Castle Camp in Germany. Masha tries to expand and enrich her dance experience through all other swing dances (especially lindy-hop and blues) plus salsa and argentinian tango.

While teaching, she practices an individual approach to each student, strives to pay attention to details and exercise precision in technique, and most of all – to inspire musicality, creativity and personal style in her students

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