We will have six international instructors of the highest caliber this year!

Sanna and Adam (Finland / US)

Sanna Leinonen and Adam LaMontagne are a talented dance duo who have been teaching and dancing swing for over ten years. They have gained a reputation for their skill and joy on the social dance floor, and have won various competitions individually, including titles at The Snowball, European Swing Dance Championships, and Balboa Castle Camp. Sanna and Adam are particularly partial to lindy hop and balboa mix & match competitions, and have placed in numerous events in Europe and the US.

In the classroom, they focus on a well-balanced mix of technique and playfulness, which results in a dynamic and personalized approach to musicality and movement that is accessible to all dancers. Their teaching style is sure to engage and inspire both beginner and experienced dancers alike. They are excited to share their knowledge and passion for swing dance.

Javi and Lucía (Spain)

Lucía and Javi have been dancing and teaching Lindy Hop, Balboa and Slow Bal together since 2012, abroad and mostly across their motherland Spain. Proud owners and directors of Black Bottom school in Valencia, with more than 500 students, they also organize Valencia Balboa Festival. Their fine technique, musicality and style made them win competitions in international festivals, such as European Balboa Anniversary (Strictly 2018). In classes, they love to focus on partnership and creating an harmonious flow while dancing in couple playing and reacting with each other. They offer students the tools for both ‘leader’ and ‘follower’ to communicate and create together their own steps and variations.

For them, dancing Balboa is a continuous game with music and the fun of jazz dance in its purest form. Be ready for challenging and fun classes with them!

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