About Balboa

If you come here you are curious about the dance know as Balboa! We have a beginner level and if you have previous partner dance experience or are up for a challange, this level is for you! Balboa is improvised and based on lead and follow principles to swing jazz music!

But the best way to learn about this dance is to watch some awesome dancers do their thing!

Our teachers for Oslo Balboa Weekend: Annie and Gaspar – social dance!
(Anni & Gašper 2020 ✪ Balboa Dayz ❤ Vine Street Rumble by Heart of Dixie / Balboa social, photo:Jens Rahnfeld)

There is a vibrant dance community in Oslo who meet every week to learn and dance Balboa and other swing-area dances originating in America. Classes are offered at Bårdar Swing Club.

The “Balboa” originated from the Balboa Peninsula at Newport Beach, about 40 miles south of Los Angeles in California. Balboa was a hybrid of other dances of that area, both African American vernacular dances and ballroom dances. The dance was well adapted to the packed dance floors of the area, has survived in pockets of original dancers and evolved to the Balboa we dance today.

More about the history of the Balboa and its origins.

The Balboa Ballroom, Newport CA.

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