Travel and stay in Oslo


If you arrive by air at Gardermoen, it’s best to get to Oslo by train:

Regular train (VY): NOK 105, 23 minutes to Oslo Central station (Oslo S). Departure 3 times an hour

Airport express train(Flytoget): NOK 196, 19 or 22 minutes to Oslo Central station. Departure every 10 minutes

If you go straight to the party or have accomodation near, «Nationaltheatret» is the nearest train station.

Getting around

If you stay in central Oslo, it’s easy to get around on foot to all the venues. If you stay with a local dancer you may need to travel by bus, tram or metro. You can use the Ruter app for purchasing tickets. We recommend not to buy tickets directly at the bus because they charge NOK 20 extra. More info at Ruter


Oslo has quite a few reasonably priced hotels in the city center – its the beer that is expensive 🙂

We will work hard to match everyone who requests hosting with a friendly local dancer with a spare bed! Its free! We cannot guarantee hosting but will do our very best.You will be able to offer/ request hosting as part of the registration process.

You can find reasonably priced accommodation here:

And airbnb 🙂

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