We are still working on defining the level description for OBW 2020. However let the vintage 2019 description be a good indication of what to expect!

Oslo Balboa Weekend will have four levels (TBC). The top level (C/D) will be split by audition.


You have been dancing balboa for quite some time on a regular basis, probably for 6-12 months both taking classes and social dancing. You are comfortable and confident with the basic steps and patterns like Up Hold, Down Hold, Out and In, Toss Out, Lollies and Swivels, and know a few variations. At this level you will learn several variations and figures, and work on improving the flow in your dance.


You have been dancing Balboa for a long time, and have probably been to a few international workshops. Your basic is solid and you know quite a few moves, footwork – and rhythm variations. But you are still eager to learn more! At this level the teaching pace will be faster and you will be digging deeper into lead and following skills, more challenging moves, rhythm variations and fine tuning your basic.

C and D

At this level you know your stuff and you can play with musicality, make variations and dance to slow, medium and fast tempoes. You can adapt to and inspire any partner from beginner to advanced. This level will be split into two groups by audition.

Choose wisely and enjoy Oslo Balboa Weekend!

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