Oslo Balboa Weekend will have four levels this year. There will be no auditions. Remember that the point of levels is to maximize the learning experience – too high, and you will struggle with the pace, too low, and you will also be frustrated. Please be open, honest and humble when selecting your level, and remember that every person can learn something in every class. If you are unsure about what to chose, please contact the organisers. As always, level distribution depends on who is at the event. We reserve the right to place you in a different level to what you register for, based on our knowledge of you and the combination of other dancers at the camp. If you are unhappy with your level after having taken the first two classes, you can talk to us and the teachers. 

Choose wisely and enjoy Oslo Balboa Weekend even more!

A: Beginner

You have just started exploring balboa, perhaps you are half way through or just completed your first course or danced a bit of balboa before the pandemic. 0- 6 months. You manage the basic step and a few variations but not much more. At this level you will improve upon your dancing to become more confident. Note that this level is lower than the usual lowest level at international Balboa workshops and teachers will be a mix of local and International. You will sign up as your primary role as lead or follow.

B: Intermediate

You have been dancing balboa for quite some time on a regular basis, probably for 12 months or more, both taking classes and going social dancing. You are comfortable and confident with the basic steps and patterns like Up Hold, Down Hold, Out and In, Toss Out, Lollies and Swivels, and know a few variations. You have a fair understanding of the Balboa rhythms, and the mix between the different styles related to closed and open positions. At this level you will learn several variations and figures, and work on improving the flow in your dance.

C: Advanced

You have been dancing Balboa for a long time, and have probably been to a few international workshops. Your fundamental basics and good Balboa rhythms have since long been established. You are still eager to learn more and improve your dance! At this level the teaching pace will be faster and you will be digging deeper into lead and following skills, playfulness and more challenging moves, rhythm variations and fine tuning your basic. 

D: ELEF (Everyone Leads, Everyone Follows!)

In this track you will explore technique and shapes from both the lead and follow roles, switching between the roles throughout every class.  To fully master one role in the dance you also need to understand the other, and the best way to do that is to experience it for yourself! It will help you gain a deeper understanding of the dance, as well as improve your technique. 

This makes the track as suitable for those who prefer to dance just to one role as those who wish to do both. For this track you need to be at least intermediate level in one role and you should have tried the other. You can expect to be even more engaged during class as every instruction will be aimed at you, and you will have the bonus of double the number of dance partners, and possible double the fun!

Note that during registration you need to select “Lead or Follow”, but for this level it has no meaning, it’s just part of our registration process, so select whatever you wish.


Explore Oslo with OBW and sign up for party pass if you prefer no to take classes this year.

Get ready to party!
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