Q & A with the OBW team

Are there any classes on Thursday or Friday?
No. Classes are only on Saturday and Sunday. On Thursday there will be pre-party at a pub in Oslo where they play live music and dancers are welcome. Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening we will have a great party at Sentralen with live jazz. (Yes, Sunday too 🙂 )

Can I come only to the social dances in the evening and not partake in the workshop?
You can register for a party pass. If we are not sold out, a limited number may be available at the door as well for Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening (but its most likely to be sold out). Pre-party on Thursday is open for all.

Where is the pre-party, do I have to register?

No need to register. There will be live swing jazz, and there will be dancing. More information about the venue will come closer to the event. It will probably be free, or moderate price. It will start from 19.00. There may even be a pub crawl!

Uninterrupted social dancing?

We love social dancing and we want to make the most of it. Therefore we will keep the evening flowing as much as possible with music and dancing in the spotlight. We will have a teachers introduction, thank the volunteers and show you the fire exits and say a few words, but apart from that you will enjoy the music and the company.

Do you offer hosting?
Yes! OBW focus a lot on providing hosting to as many as possible! Even if Hotel prices are not that high in Oslo, it´s nice to stay with a friendly fellow dancer! Hosting options will be made available as part of the registration process!

What’s the schedule for the workshop?
See schedule page.

Can I sign up without a partner?
Yes you can! However it will improve your chances of getting a spot if you sign up with a partner.

Isn’t Oslo terribly expensive?
Not really that bad. The Norwegian currency has been weaker this year. We do our best to make it more affordable:

  • Hosting option
  • Timely information so you can book tickets and accommodation.
  • Did we mention hosting?
  • Hotel prices may be cheaper than some cities!


93 percent of Oslo’s population over the age of 18 is according to official statistics regarded as being protected, i.e. either fully boosted with three vaccine doses or two vaccine doses and have recovered. As of now our classes and social dances run as they did in the pre-covid past in accordance with local Norwegian regulation.

Would it not be nice with a common dinner on Saturday before the party?

Indeed, we will try to arrange that! We will keep you posted

Ohoy! Where do I throw down my anchor in Oslo fjord?

Well.. Please check the box for “in need of hosting” when you sign up.. and with that we end this Q&A session.

OBW 2022 here we come!
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