Are there any classes on Friday?
No. Classes are only on Saturday and Sunday.

What does the workshop and what do the parties cost?
Costs for the Workshop Pass and Party Pass will be confirmed closer to registration – we will keep it affordable!

Can I come only to the social dances in the evening and not partake in the workshop?
You can register for a party pass in advance. If we are not sold out, a limited number may be available at the door.

Do you do any hosting?
Yes! OBW focus a lot on providing hosting to as many as possible! Even if Hotel prices are not that high in Oslo – Surprise! Its nice to stay with a friendly fellow dancer! Hosting options will be made available as part of the registration process!

Will there be auditions for the different levels?
Yes, on Saturday before the first class for level C and D. (TBC)

What’s the schedule for the workshop?
Preliminary schedule will be posted on the web page closer to registration

Can I sign up without a partner?
Yes you can! However it will improve your chances of getting a spot if you sign up with a partner.

Is oslo terribly expensive?
Well.. But OBW does not have to be!

  • Reasonable priced tickets
  • Hosting option
  • Timely information so you can book tickets and accommodation.
  • Did we mention hosting?

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